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Studio updates.

#ForRealFriday: Today Is The Youngest They Will Ever Be

If I am being completely honest with you, I spent most of this week wishing time away. So much so that I was up past midnight with this very thing on my mind, and this morning I am exhausted from having cried too many tears. But it’s hard not to wish the time away when you are in the throes of toddlerhood and your days start with kiddos who seem to be endlessly unhappy. “Mommy needs to brush her teeth” Tears. “Mommy needs to put you down and make breakfast.” Tears. “Mommy needs to let the doggies out.” Tears. “Mommy needs to wake your sister up.” Tears. Tears. TEARS. And those are just for the things I have to do, not the things I would like to be doing like working on my photography business, or cleaning the house, or heaven forbid, enjoy an entire cup of coffee while it is still hot.

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#ForRealFriday: My "Hot Mess" Hair Kid Is Growing Up

Once upon a time, I wrote an article for Romper about the time another mother referred to my then 3 year old daughter as the "hot mess hair" kid at her school. If you follow their page, you might have seen it come across your newsfeed at some point. I know it's been shared thousands of times, and over the years since it has been published, people have reached out to me via the Interwebs to either commiserate with me, or to tell me why I shouldn't have been upset by it. That's the price you pay when you share personal essays on the internet– gotta love it. 

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